Do Not Let A Little Rain Stop You

_MG_2290_MG_2290Thought it may be fitting to share this beautiful story of a wonderful couple on their rainy wedding day.  About a year ago I was asked to capture Krystle and Pat’s wedding. I was so excited as this would be my first wedding and more excited for Krystle and Pat.  In the bride and groom’s mind they had planned for a beautiful sunny wedding outside on the grass under the weeping tree and beautiful lake in the background. However the sky’s had other plans. It wasn’t just raining but pouring.



The rain did not stop this couple from their plans at all. They were still determined to have the ceremony outside and to continue with the plans. Just add a couple more tents and hope it lets up just a little. We found a beautiful gazebo and covered bridge to capture some beautiful  and fun moments.





Family all gathered under the tents in the rain to show their love and joy for both Krystle and Pat.  There was still hope that the rain will stop before the ceremony started, but either way it the ceremony was still on.



Just as the bride was coming down the sun decided to come out for just a little bit. Just beautiful!


and after all vows were said we did a little dancing and hugging in the rain without a care in the world. Just pure Joy, Love and Happiness!



We even had the chance to capture the bride and groom under the stars!


_MG_2290“I am not telling you it is going to be easy—I am telling you it’s going to be worth it”.

– Art Williams





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