Cost and Timeline

When can I expect to have my session completed? And why does a session cost so much?  These two questions go hand in hand with one another. Here are the reasons I have factored into the price and timeline of completing your sessions:

The Session: Sessions can last anywhere between 30min-3 hours. This is my favorite part.  I love people and would just talk and capture families, children, seniors, newborns and couples all day if I could. However it is time and time away from my family so it is valuable time and my expertise.

Photographer Costs:  When you factor in the prices of camera, multiple lenses, editing software, insurance, taxes, website’s fee’s, props and more props….the list is endless. However, when you hire PhotoJenic Moments you will be getting top quality products, fun props to fit your style and a personal touch to all your images.

Time Spent Editing: This is very time consuming. With each session I carefully go through all the images, select the very best of the best. From there I edit each one, one by one. I can easily spend 2-3 hours (or more depending on session type) editing those images that will be hanging on your walls. It is not just upload and click. I take great pride in perfecting each image individually.

Order of Editing: Once I do the session with you I will post a sneak peek for you to see. I will post these online by facebook with my Logo. Once your sneak peek is posted I work in order of my sessions that have been booked. I am a full time mom and part-time photographer. You can expect your gallery in 3 weeks from the time of your session. Events, weddings and newborns will be longer.


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