Before Your Picture Day

Parents and Children will receive a flyer of when their child’s pictures will be.  All that is expected of children is to dress with a smile and their very own personality! No pre-order forms anymore!

Picture Day

Your children will be photographed with one of PhotoJenic Moments adorable backdrop set that PhotoJenic Moments and the school has chosen.

There will be at least one or two poses to choose from along with one class photo.

After Picture Day

Approximately 2 weeks after picture day each parent will receive an email from PhotoJenic Moments to view their gallery. Each gallery will be by class with a password provided to view. In the gallery you will be able to select your child and order any prints or packages you would like to order.

Placing Orders

You will be able to view packages and products on the website and on the gallery provided. Pricing is only available in the gallery.  You may choose a package, or buy individual sheets. Once you place your order in the cart you will receive an email with payment options. PhtoJenic Moments will accept paypal payments or checks. If you would like to pay by check you can mail it or send it to the school by the date that was given.


Allow 1 week for your prints to arrive to the school.

Enjoy Your Child’s School Pictures!

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